The emerging EU CO2 transport and storage market

Being the very first CCS (Carbon Capture & Storage) project in Eastern Europe, as well as the first ever project in Eastern Europe funded by the Innovation Fund, is an exciting fact, that we, as a team, have the obligation to communicate to the wider European audience. As part of our events calendar, ANRAV project manager Konstantin Bojinov, attended last week a knowledge sharing workshop of the EUROPEAN CLIMATE, INFRASTRUCTURE AND ENVIRONMENT EXECUTIVE AGENCY (CINEA) called “The emerging EU CO2 transport and storage market” held in Brussels. Constructive discussion on EU policy and the introduction of regulatory requirements with regard to CCS is much needed to drive the CCS concept in the EU. It is inspiring to hear and learn about all the projects in development in Europe and across the world. Sharing experience and knowledge on decarbonization is critical to achieve overall carbon reduction in line with Climate Change commitments. Being the first company to bring this technology to Bulgaria it is our privilege to approach the development and implementation of this innovative technology with responsibility and transparency..

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